The Fetish Emporium Manchester dungeon has one of the largest collections of the highly sought after Gummi Rubber in the UK.

All of our Gummi Rubber is of extremely high standard.

Whether you crave that beautiful feeling of rubber against your skin, the feeling of having your movements restricted in an inflatable sleep sack or the smell of rubber whatever your fetish it can become reality in our Gummi Rubber Klinik.

An absolute heaven for any rubber fetishist.

  • Inflatable rubber sleep sack
  • Inflatable rubber ball suit
  • Inflatable rubber suits
  • Inflatable rubber hoods
  • Sensory deprivation hoods
  • Rebreather hoods
  • Feeding tube / forced intoxication hoods
  • Rubber body bags
  • Full rubber body bag complete breathing tube
  • Rubber catsuits
  • Rubber gloves / socks

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